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If there’s one thing we’ve learned about farming, it’s that community really matters. We check in with one another, help one another, share what we’re doing, what’s growing, what’s struggling.

You’re part of our community and we want to thank you for it. This work can get pretty tough, but it’s worth it when we get to share it with you.


Loretta the Llama


So Much Goodness in
One Place!

We have so much goodness waiting for you! One-of-a-kind gifts, amazing experiences, thoughtful expressions of care, and a whole lot of love!

Small Package of Wool Pellets

Wool Pellets are Here

Garden Love Wool Pellets™ are available now! By simply adding them to your garden you’ll reduce watering, add natural fertilizer, and repel bugs and pests.

Nurture Yourself

Our “nurture” shirts look super smart and just the reminder we all need to care for ourselves and care for one another. That’s what nurture is all about. 


Your Personal Vineyard

You could have your own Personal Vineyard. Your own row that we teach you how to take care of. An amazing family experience.


Loretta’s a pretty big deal

Our miniature sheep are protected by a Guardian llama – her name is Loretta. And here answer to everything is: No Prob-llama. And her mug says that too!

Let’s Stay in Touch!

If you’d like to stay up to date on what’s happening on the farm, we’d love to keep sharing with you!

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The Latest On The Farm

What Are They Thinking?

What Are They Thinking?

“What are they thinking? A Unique Approach to Decision-Making by New Small-Acreage Farmers” shares the unconventional tale of farming entrepreneurship. Karri and Trefor Munn-Venn, city dwellers with no prior farming experience, embarked on a life-changing journey by purchasing a 25-acre farm in Quebec’s Outaouais region. This article delves into how the Munn-Venn’s prioritize alignment, nurture, and innovative thinking in their agricultural pursuits.

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A Single Value Guides Us

A Single Value Guides Us

We’re guided by a single value at Leystone: Nurture. Living in alignment with that value has been the single most potent thing we’ve done on the farm.

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Just How Social Are You?

OK, we love the socials! We love sharing moments on the farm and with our community. Follow along and say Hi! We’re super friendly!