About Us


We weren’t always farmers. In fact, we’re only just getting started! But we want to share our experience with you.

Leystone Farms was established in 2020 at the foot of the Gatineau Hills.

Clearly identifiable by the beautiful hillside vineyard, Leystone is also home to 10 varieties of chickens (rainbow eggs anyone?), a sweet flock of Southdown Babydoll sheep, Scottish Blackface/Valais Blacknose sheep, and their guardian llama Loretta.

Where to Find Us

Leystone Farms is just 30 minutes from the bridges connecting Ottawa to Gatineau. We are nestled between the Gatineau Hills and the Ottawa River.

It’s a short and beautiful drive into the heart of the country and a wonderful opportunity to explore the beauty of the Pontiac.

Come for a visit. Meet our miniature sheep, our surely llama Loretta, our alpaca, chickens, and turkeys. Take a walk in the vineyards, listen for the buzzing of our bees and soak in the staggering view.

Leystone Farms
1965 RTE 148, Luskville, Quebec J0X 2G0
nurture @ leystonefarms.com

We Know Where We Stand

As a family, it’s important to us that we acknowledge where we are and the land we live on.

This place, these lands, have belonged to the Anishinaabe Algonquin Nation for as long as anyone can remember. Our hope and our lived intention is to steward these lands in a way that honours the past and shows responsibility for the future. 

With that in mind, and as part of our commitment to the thoughtfulness and guidance of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, we offer the following land acknowledgement that we see as one more step we can take together.

Leystone Land Acknowledgment


Ni nànìbawimin ondaje nòngom Anishinàbe aking mamawe ogo Anishinàbeg nàgadawedjig iyo akì.

Ni apìtenindamin kidji tanizìyàng ondaje mamawe  kakina awìyeg kidji màmidonendameng kidondamitàwinan kàn ishkwàtàsìmin kidji weshton wìdjikewewin ka bikoseg pinawìgo wìdokodàdìyeng  mamawe kidiji ondamità kakina kego mino pideg.

Kàn nida gashkitòsimin kidji kidiyan pìdijashin ozam kàn dabendàzinànàn iyo akì. Nòngom nigishkodàdimin ondaje mamawe mìgwechiwewin, sagìdawin ashidj niwi ondamitàmin mamawe kakina Anishinàbeg, memindàge ogog kà ijinikàdamowàdj iyo kwenàdj akì endong.

We are standing on the unceded, unsurrendered Territory of the Anishinaabe Algonquin Nation who are the traditional guardians of this land.

We are deeply honoured to be here and share this acknowledgment as a way to remind ourselves and each person who joins us here that our work is not done as we seek to repair the relationships that have been so deeply wounded.

We cannot welcome you here because this land is not ours. So today we meet you in this place with gratitude, openness, and a desire to work in solidarity with all Indigenous peoples, especially those who call this beautiful land home.