At Leystone Farms, we believe that a deliberate and thoughtful artistic context is important when it comes to living out our goal to nurture every individual and group that interacts with us and the land we steward.

With that in mind, we initiated our Artist-in-Residence Program to bring that perspective to life. The goals of the Leystone Farms Artist-in-Residence Program are:

  • To support the creation of a nurturing environment;
  • To support and promote artistic talent; and
  • To raise the profile of Leystone Farms through cultural activities.

The artist we select is asked to produce works of art in their medium of choice that are inspired by the values, location, or activities of Leystone Farms. Not to create works of art depicting the farm itself. We want the artist’s experience and aesthetic to speak freely.

During the one-year term of the Program, we will spend time with the artist to understand their experience and share it through social media, the press, videos, etc. to help the community get to know their work.

Each fall, Leystone Farms will organize an Exhibition of the work created by the artist so we can share the incredible work that is  expressing itself in the region.


Noémie specializes in Canadian landscapes characterized by her bold colours, lush textured oils, and painterly strokes. She captures the essence of a scene with colour and form, encouraging the viewer to participate by filling in the details. Her paintings connect you to nature with the ability to quietly work within and enhance the viewers overall well being.

Noémie’s love of nature was ignited by her early travels to Africa. As a French speaking 9-year-old thrust into an English-speaking culture, she spent her time observing her immediate surroundings, studying the delicate shades of rose bushes and the large Acadia gum tree in her backyard. Her admiration of nature grew with the red and orange landscapes of southern Africa, its people and wildlife. Her initial painting lessons were taught one of Zimbabwe’s foremost talented painters.

Returning to Canada she fell in love with the ever-changing seasons, the contrast of lush vibrant colours, and the stillness of snowy scenes. Her parents encouraged her passion and she successfully entered and graduated with honours in the fine arts program of Canterbury High School.

She took her creative sense and transformed it into a graphic design career where she continued to take art classes at Concordia University and workshops with renowned Canadian landscape artists. Today, she continues to paint landscapes from her home studio. 

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