A Holiday Gift Option as Unique and Special as Your Team



This year, share a gift with your staff, your Board, or your clients, that reflects the thoughtfulness and contributions that they’ve made this year. 

Give them something truly special. 

Something hand crafted by local agricultural artisans.




Just a few minutes from Ottawa lies the beautiful Pontiac Region of Quebec

It’s an area of unsurpassed beauty full of innovation and creativity from an agricultural community that prides itself on quality, authenticity, and mastery of their skills and crafts.

Each year, as the holidays approach, organizations in the National Capital Region seek to recognize and celebrate the contributions of the teams with gifts that are thoughtful and unique.

We Know How Hard It Can Be To Find the Right Gift

Each year, we look for ways to thank and recognize the contributions of our team. But it seems to get harder to find something genuinely unique.

Something that reflects our gratitude.

Something that meets our budget.

And something that won’t simply be tossed aside. 

This year, show the people in your organization something different. 

Give them a collection of local, hand-crafted gifts produced by agricultural artisans in the Pontiac. 

Each gift reflects the passion, expertise, and commitment of local farms that are reviving ancient practices and innovating with creative, new approaches. 

We’ve assembled two beautiful options that include a collection of gifts for your staff, your clients, or your Board to help them enjoy the holidays, see your thoughtfulness, and reconnect them to the land and traditions that shape us all. 

Each gift option includes the following hand-crafted elements. 


Traditional Holiday Simmer Pot


The holidays are a rich experience of the senses. Gentle aromas of baking or the preparation of family meals or the smells of cedar, pine, or holly fill our memories.

The Traditional Holiday Simmer Pot mixtures that are created by Mountain View Farm are a blend of dried herbs, fruit, and other aromatics that are simply added to a pot of water to simmer gently.

Each home can control the richness of the Simmer Pot by changing the amount of water or the temperature so it’s perfect for their unique needs. 

Simmer Pot
Fermes Leystone, Leystone Farms ,Pontiac, Nurture, Karri Munn-Venn, Trefor Munn-Venn, craft vinegar, city to country, sheep, Wool pellets, honey

Local, Raw Honey


Each jar of honey is a time capsule holding the unique flavour that emerged from the flowers being visited by the bees.

Each season delivers a different honey with a taste that’s all its own. Nutured at Leystone Farms, our bees live in the heart of our vineyard and adjacent to natural wildflowers that explode with life.

When the honey is harvested, it is simply strained and bottled – it doesn’t get any more natural than that!

Handcrafted Soap from Sheep’s Milk


From May to August each year, Ferme Mouflon milk their pasture-raised sheep and use that milk to produce some of the most beautiful and gentle soap you will ever find.

The soap is handmade in small batches with all natural ingredients.

The base oils (olive, coconut, and castor oil) all come from organic and fair trade agriculture.

Sheep's Milk Soap
Wool Pellets, Garden Love Wool Pellets, Fermes Leystone, Leystone Farms ,Pontiac, Nurture, Karri Munn-Venn, Trefor Munn-Venn, craft vinegar, city to country, sheep, Wool pellets, honey

Garden Love Wool Pellets


Wool Pellets are a new innovation and are used in the garden or in potted plants. They hold 20 times their weight in water, provide a gentle, natural fertilizer, and keep bugs and pests away.

Simply adding a few pellets to a potted plant will stop them from drying out. Mixing them with your garden soil will enrich the earth and strengthen your plants.

Leystone Farms collects local wool that would have otherwise been wasted and transforms them into these pellets that gardeners can’t seem to get enough of.


Spring Flower Seeds


As we enter the darkest and coldest part of the year, we want to share with you the colour, hope, and joy of spring flowers.

Matches Seeds are famous in the region for the quality of their seeds and the stunning combinations they bring together.

Your seeds hold the magic that is an explosion of life whether you put them in a pot to keep them close or plant them in the garden to attract the bees and and other pollinators.


Spring flower seeds

Two Options to Choose From

We know that budgets vary from organization-to-organization so we’ve created two options for you to choose from. 


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