Wool Pellets make gardens healthier

Garden Love Wool Pellets™ are the perfect addition to your garden. They’re a natural fertilizer, promote healthy growth of plants, and keep your garden growing!

Wool Pellets Hold 20 Times Their Weight in Water

It’s incredible how much water they can hold! That means your garden can manage the changes in weather more easily and you don’t need to water as often. 

Insects & Pests hate Wool Pellets

But your plants will love them!

Repel bugs and slugs and a wide range of pests that want to hurt your plants and eat your produce. Garden Love Wool Pellets™ repel them all.

Turn Waste into Love! Garden Love Wool Pellets™!

These wool pellets are made from fleeces that would otherwise be thrown away. Together, we can turn this wool into pellets that will make your garden and your plants healthier and stronger.

The Best Fertilizer is All Natural

Garden Love Wool Pellets™ provide an all-natural fertilizer (9-0-2). Nitrogen, carbon and trace elements of potassium as well as calcium, magnesium, iron, sulfur give your garden just what it needs.

Your Climate-Beneficial Solution

Garden Love Wool Pellets™ are a climate-beneficial garden solution that retains carbon in the soil & biodegrades over time. Raw wool is sourced from Western Quebec & Eastern Ontario.

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Wool Pellets

Created from 100% raw wool in the Pontiac region of Quebec, Garden Love Wool Pellets™ enrich the soil and enhance the productivity of your garden.

For Those Who Love Their Garden


Garden Love Wool Pellets™ really are something special. An all-natural addition to your garden, they give your soil the support that nature intended.

By simply blending Garden Love Wool Pellets™ with your soil or adding a small amount to the base of your plants, you are introducing a healthy source of natural fertilizer with a list of benefits that will make you wonder why you hadn’t done this sooner. When you add wool pellets in your garden, you are choosing a natural fertilizer, you don’t risk burning your plants the way you do when you use chemical-based fertilizers.

Garden Love Wool Pellets™ are a great resource for you as a gardener. They help you maintain a soil structure that can sustainably support the development of strong, healthy plants over the long-term without the risks that other approaches may introduce.

The research around the positive impacts of using wool pellets continues to grow. And it also reinforces what our ancestors knew and did regularly, and that was to introduce wool into their gardens in order to ensure a good harvest at the end of the season.


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Why Wool Pellets Are So Good For Your Garden

Use Less Water

Garden Love Wool Pellets™ hold up to 20 times their weight in water. This means that you can water your garden less frequently and still achieve superior results.

Aerate the Soil

Wool pellets expand when watered so they stop soil from becoming compacted over time and increase your plant’s access to oxygen. This keeps the soil healthier overall.

Natural Fertilizer

With an NPK 9-0-2 the wool pellets provide slow release fertilizer with small amounts of potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, sulfur, and other micronutrients.

Repel Bugs & Pests

Managing insects and animals that want to eat our vegetables is always a challenge. Wool pellets deter them to keep your plants healthier and garden stronger.

Eco Friendly

Garden Love Wool Pellets™ are a climate-beneficial garden solution that retains carbon in the soil & biodegrades over time. They’re good for your garden and the environment.

Recycle Nutrients

As sheep graze, they eat plants that have drawn nutrients from the soil. When you use wool pellets, you’re returning those nutrients back to where they began.

Getting Started is Easy

The beauty of Garden Love Wool Pellets™ is that they are so easy to use. And easy to get. 

We’d love to get these into your hands into your soil as soon as we can!

Small Package of Wool Pellets

Learn How to Use Wool Pellets

Want to learn how to use wool pellets? They are so versatile and make such a difference to your plants and to your soil. 

We’ve provided a simple-to-understand resource that you can use to learn how to use wool pellets quickly and easily in your garden and with your potted plants.

Wool Pellets Nourish Your Garden

Wool Pellets Nourish Your Garden

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Luskville farm turns wasted wool into new gardening product

Luskville farm turns wasted wool into new gardening product

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Wool Pellet Research Results

Wool Pellet Research Results

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