Garden Love Wool Pellets™ are So Easy to Use

Whether you’ve just got your first wool pellets or you’re learning about them for the first time, we’re excited to share with you how easy they are to use and what an incredible difference they make for your gardens and plants!



formula for combining wool pellets and soil

Pre-Mix Your Garden Love Wool Pellets™ with Soil


Garden Love Wool Pellets™ are an excellent amendment to your soil and one of the most effective ways to use them is to pre-mix your wool pellets with good potting soil.

The mixing equation is simple:

  • Loosely mix ½ cup of wool pellets with about one quart of soil. If you prefer the metric, add 125g of wool pellets to 4 litres of soil.
  • If you have purchased the 350g bag of Garden Love Wool Pellets™ then add between 11 and 12 litres of soil (or 3 quarts).
  • If you have purchased the 1 L bag, then you can add 32 litres of soil (or 8 quarts).At that quantity, you’ll have enough to liberally top dress a 25 square-foot garden (2.5 square metres).

Wool Pellets for Potted Plants


If you are mixing your own soil with Garden Love Wool Pellets™ you will find it is excellent for container gardens and potted plants.

Whether you’re growing herbs in the kitchen, flowers in a window box, or a balcony garden of vegetables you’re going to notice a difference.

One of the challenges of any form of container garden is that the soil dries out more quickly. Using wool pellets reduces the risk of soil drying out. (It also means you don’t have to ask your neighbour to water your plants while you’re away!)

Just blend your wool pellets with your soil using the wool pellet blending formula and then either top up your existing plants or use it as your starting soil for new plants.

Adding Wool Pellets When You Plant


You don’t have to mix your wool pellets with soil to begin using them.

If you’ve already started your plants and are about to put them in the garden, you can add your wool pellets then.

Here’s how.

When you dig the hole for your new plant, simply drop in a pinch of pellets – 2 or 3 or 4 – and add them to the soil before you put in your plant.

This approach will ensure the roots have ready access to water and also that the soil does not become compacted around the roots during this critical growth phase for your plants. 

Another great benefit is that wool pellets repel insects and pests so it helps keep them at bay as your plants are acclimatizing to their new home.

You can use the same approach when you’re planting seeds. Put one wool pellet with each seed and watch the results!

Small Package of Wool Pellets

Top-Dressing with Wool Pellets


If your garden is already planted, you can simply add wool pellets to the garden by top-dressing your soil.

This a practice that has been around as long as gardening and simply requires amending the soil by adding organic matter tot he surface. Super simple!

Simply put a pinch of wool pellets at the base of the stem of your plant where it meets the soil and they will begin to slowly decompose while integrating with soil.

You can add more pellets around larger plants such as maturing squash to make sure they have a sufficient amount of wool pellets to sustain their larger size and more rapid growth.

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